Stick vs Stick was the first video that Matthew ever created and posted on Epics Media. It was very porly made and very short, but it was also the first time Matthew had ever used Stykz (or any kind of animating sofware) to make a video. For this reason, it had not been nearly as long, detailed, or even good for that matter, especially compared to the new videos he made starting in 2013.



During his freshman year in high school Christmas break, Matthew found a new stick figure animation software called Stykz. In the beginning of January, which was the last weekend of his Christmas break, Matthew decided to try and make a video using it. He created the video known as Stick vs Stick. He posted it on that first week of January.

Time on YoutubeEdit

Stick vs Stick spent about two months on youtube before Matthew finally remembered to remove it. During its time on youtube, however, it got __ views.


On March 10th, 2012, the video Stick vs Stick was removed from the Epics Media channel on youtube.