Max Swag is one of the series on Epics Media. It's about a guy named Max Swag living out his live as he always does, by making it the swaggist possible.


The Ideaa for Max SwagEdit

Matthew came up with the idea for the series, Max Swag, during late February of 2012. He began to draw up character designs and write scripts for episode ideas. Eventually, Matthew was able to start creating the Max Swag videos.

Creating Max SwagEdit

The first video of Max Swag that Matthew created was Meet Max. He began the creation of this video on March 8th, 2012. He completed it by the end of the weekend that followed. As short and unanimated as it may have seemed, it did take a good while to finish the video, as a lot of detail and hard work was put into it.



Season 1- 2013Edit

1- Meet Max