Matthew is the creator of Epics Media. He also does everything for the channel, including making and editing the videos, voicing the characters, managing the channel, site, and wiki, releasing the videos, etc. It's a lot of hard work for one person, but he has a few people that help him with various things sometimes, such as editing the lyrics for the music videos and giving imput on different videos to be released, guest staring in some videos as voices for different characters, helping to write and record the music for the music videos, etc.


Current InformationEdit

Matthew is currently a 15 year old freshman at Greenville Technical Charter High School, and lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He has one brother, Michael, who is ten years old. Matthew spends much of his time doing work for Epics Media, along with enjoying various activities that he enjoys doing after school, such as basketball and art.

Before Epics Media (2012)Edit

In January of 2012, Matthew created the Epics Media youtube channel, and then created a short 20 second video called Stick vs Stick. It was a very pathetic video, and Matthew knew this. During the beginning of February, he decided to get rid of the video. It wasn't until mid-March, however, that he actually remembered to do it. It was in mid-February of 2012 that Matthew came up with the idea of Epics Media as it is known today. He began the work on characters, series, and episodes for each of the series. By mid-March, just after he deleted the Stick vs Stick video, he had begun to create the videos and record the voices and sounds for the videos that he would be creating and would start releasing in 2013. By the end of March, he had already finished creating the videos for the entire first season (and almost half of the second season) of Max Swag. When December of 2012 roled around, he had already finished creating all of the videos for the first season. He had even finished a good few of the videos for the second season. At this rate, he would be able to keep up with releasing videos on time with no problem at all. Everything for Epics Media was set in place and ready to go.

Roles in Epics MediaEdit


Voice Actor

Video Creator

Video Editor

Wiki Manager

Website Manager

Youtube Channel Manager