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The Epics Media Logo

Epics Media is a youtube channel with four main series. It was created in January of 2012, but it did not begin to be used for the Epics Media known today until January of 2013, which was the first official year of video releasing. The first video ever released was Meet Max. It was released on Saturday, January 5th, 2013. Since then, Epics Media has released a new animated video every Saturday.



On January 7th, 2012, Matthew, the creator of Epics Media, created the channel for Epics Media. The next day, he released a video called Stick vs Stick. It was a short, pathetically made video, and Matthew decided to take it down in mid February of 2012. However, it wasn't until mid-March that he actually remembered to do it. Throughout the year of 2012, Matthew created the ideas for the different series and their episodes, along with making most of the ones for 2013 and a few for 2014. It was a very productive year, especially since Matthew had no extracurricular activities going on after school since his high school's basketball league had already ended.



-Creator, Wiki Manager, Website Manager, Voices for Every Character, Basically, Matthew Does Everything

Matthew is the creator of Epics Media. He also does all of the other roles in creating the videos and managing the other aspects of Epics Media, such as this Wiki.


Max SwagEdit

This series is about an awesome guy named Max Swag who is living his life to the swaggest. A new video in this series is released on the first Saturday of every month.

Epic ComediesEdit

This is just a comedy series with various themes and storylines every episode. Sometimes its even a parody or a bunch of random funny clips. A new video in this series is released on the second Saturday of every month.

Epic BrawlsEdit

This is an action series with various battles. The competitors for each fight are normally random. Sometimes they're decided by Matthew drawing names out of a hat or some kind of app or website chooser thing. Either way, it's always set to be actiony and awesome. A new video in this series is released on the third Saturday of every month.

The SagaEdit

This is the main series of Epics Media. This series has the longest and most detailed and well created videos as well. Though it follows the season every year like all youtube channels' videos, it has two announced series, each containing 50 episodes. Season one contains episodes 1-50, and season 2 contains episodes 51-100. A new video in this series is released every fourth Saturday of the month on even months.

Music VideosEdit

While music viedeos are not an actual series, they are still a very important part of Epics Media. A new music video is released every fourth Saturday of the month on odd months.